ALA Annual 11 Prospectus

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego,CA

Conference Dates

January 7-11, 2011

Exhibition Dates

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Times have Changed

And may again before next year's conference

You need to know that your investment of time and resources goes into an event that positions your organization to capture the most visibility and take advantage of the most leads. The American Library Association Annual Conference consistently ranks among the top tradeshows for attendee buying power. In 2009, the percent of attendees involved in the purchase of products exhibited at the annual conference topped 88%. That means that almost 9 out of 10 librarians that see your exhibit have the power to put your products and services into their libraries.

The numbers speak for themselves...a diverse audience from all levels of management, from all types of libraries from across the country with the interest in your products and the power to make a deal. This is your best opportunity to reach the decision makers. The ALA Annual Conference delivers more librarians than any state event, any event for the publishing industry and any niche event for public, special, academic or school libraries.

If you pick one tradeshow in 2011 to deliver the largest potential for your products and services; make it the ONE that delivers the decision makers—the ALA Annual Conference.